Calling all DEVS

I wrote a song and put it in my game. Can you play the game and tell me if you like the audio? Here


I could play the experience, yet I have encountered 2 errors in regards to the Menu Script not working in a certain line of the code while printing a sound that couldn’t be played in-game. (You can eventually locate them through the Outputtab + plugin “Audio Discovery” or, in an easy and minimalist way, go to the Developer Console by pressing the key F9.)

In addition, the experience entirely was a bit crazy with free models + simple models inserted in different areas while having odd sizes, however, it was quite funny, especially with the background audio, haha.

@JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX can you upvote it please

Love the music bro!
Only problem is the background noise
Maybe record it somewhere thats quiet.
Other than that thats a nice remix Lol


You can put through your topic itself. Here to help explaining how if you would like.

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Your game title and thumbnail is spelt wrong “Destory”. Just letting you know, unless it’s spelt purposely like that.

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Well I did this in music class so that’s why there’s background noise