Calling all European Roblox developers!

Who knows.


Can we have one in Scandinavia? As most scandinavians can speak English so it’ll be easy for foreigners to travel without having to know any German or French


One of the most (if not the most) populated and easily accessible regions in the United States, it’s a shame we don’t get any attention over here. :roll_eyes:

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To those asking whether something like this can happen in England.

There’s already a lot of successful developers in England. 7 English developers this summer did the Accelerator program. But only 1 from France and none from Germany.

I think the goal is to reach out to countries that haven’t had events before, but have potential to be places where developers can grow. This isn’t an opportunity meant to attract the wider audiences like RDCs.


Hello :slight_smile:
I’m super interested in this and I just filled in the survey.

I do have a few questions:

  1. Is there attendee costs? (Aka. Do I have to pay to enter the place?)
  2. For how long does this event last? (Just the specified day or other?)
  3. Do I have to be a residence of the specified country? Or is it European-wide? (I’m from the Netherlands but would love to participate)
  4. Are there any other things I need to keep in mind? (Requirements and / or tips?)

While I understand that Roblox is wanting to branch out, London is just as easy to get to as any other city in Europe, and with roblox developers mainly concentrated in the UK anyway, it makes sense to reduce travel costs for the majority of developers. I personally really don’t think anyone’s being demotivated from development or attending this kind of thing simply because it’s in London.

It’s actually half as much time to get to London from Lyon than from Lyon to Hamburg, and 3 hours faster to get to London from Hamburg than Hamburg to Lyon. If you live in the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Belgium London is much closer by time than most other European cities.

Personally I don’t mind it as I like going to other countries and having an excuse to do it, but people who don’t want to just burn their money on trips like this, of which I know quite a few, would likely appreciate it being in their home country, and the home country of the majority of devs is the UK.


I’d like to let you know that, while there’s probably major developers who’d like to attend, the statistics from Crykee show that England, in terms of Roblox development, is pretty much fine. This bootcamp, from what I understand, is for those who need help in certain ways to get their games rolling. Which, apparently, the developers in England don’t necessarily need. It’s fun, sure, but in this case the Roblox developers in Germany and France need a little boost, hence it’s probably better to locate the bootcamp in their home country for easy access to those who currently could use this kind of help.

In all honesty, I don’t think this will be the only chance either. I assume there may come more bootcamps in the future in different countries if this seems to be a success.
Don’t quote me on that, though, as I’m not a Roblox employee. :joy: It’s just my guess.

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While I agree it’s better to have it in your home country, it’s not really correct to refer to English developers as though they are one group of all the same expertise. There are plenty (likely more than France and Germany since Roblox is an English speaking platform) of developers who could do with some help in the UK and could do with a bootcamp like this, the fact is that there are just a lot more developers in the UK, therefore there will be more who do well at the top, but as a proportion it’s likely exactly the same.

When you take the raw numbers what’s essentially happening is that this is being planned for an area where the highest number of people who need it most are the furthest away from. I don’t really mind that much, I just think the logic is a bit flawed, and as I mentioned before for a lot of people in mainland europe London is easier to get to than other major European cities.


Definitely agreed! I didn’t mean to say that, because there’s more successful developers in England, it doesn’t give them the right for a bootcamp. There must be a number of Roblox developers in England who have troubles getting started as well. However, there’s a lot of Roblox developers spread across the entire world globe who have troubles outside England too. Hosting a bootcamp for every place on earth would probably make it expensive while it may not even be certain whether this would work.

I would’ve liked one bootcamp in my country as well. But neither you or I have influence on these decisions, so I’d say let’s be patient and see what this has to offer. :smiley: Maybe in the future more bootcamps will be hosted in different countries.


I’d love to see this extended to countries like Ireland!

I hope that this isn’t a signal that this is the end of RDC EU though.


Me too. That would be an opportunity I would never turn down!

Survey has completed!

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