Calling all European Roblox developers!


Hi Developers,

Are you based in Europe? Roblox is organizing developer bootcamps in France and Germany, where developers will be able to connect with Roblox staff, network with fellow local developers, and learn how to promote and improve your games on the Roblox platform.

Fill out this survey if you are interested in participating to let us know when you would be available: European Bootcamp Interest Survey

The survey is now closed. Thank you for responding!


The Developer Relations Team


I’m not able to submit it without ticking both Germany on the 4th and France on the 6th (it doesnt allow just one of those), is this intended?


Apologies, that issue was just caught and fixed - previously, one response per row (location) was required.

You may need to refresh the survey and resubmit to see the “Neither date” column option. Sorry for the inconvenience! :frowning:


when do we get any roblox events on the east coast


I’m in England, would love to see something pop up over here too :slight_smile:




Would be nice if there was something here in the UK. But atleast these two are closer to home, would’ve thought UK would’ve been on the list.


You guys ever doing anything like this in the US?




Question got any details for the cities they’ll be in?


Currently, we’re looking at Lyon, France, and Hamsburg, Germany.


The survey is to help us determine whether people would be available and able to attend events on January 4th and/or 6th, 2019.


If those developer bootcamps happen, do we have to pay a ticket to come?


I’ll throw an unofficial event lol


Wish there was something in the UK. Oh well


I’m not EU, but what exactly are these boot camps? Based on the description, they seem to be a mini-RDC, but with presentations focused on game improvement for experienced devs to attend. I’m kind of lost and want to know more if a US one would ever happen.


do it brother


Might be worth seeing where the devs collectively in a poll want to go and what is easiest to get to for them - I’m all for branching out into mainland Europe, but for many this will be a trip which won’t be able to be justified for just one day because of travel costs, especially if the content can be live streamed.

With the date being in the middle of winter, there’s an increased chance of trains and flights being postponed / delayed too - because of bad weather.

I also hope this isn’t a replacement for RDC EU. Would be a great shame if it is.


I highly doubt this would replace RDC EU. This is taking place in January, not July/August.


I’m in poland.