Calling all Graphic Designers - Sprays needed for Q-CLASH!

SO Games is looking for 2D graphic designers willing to make ‘paintsprays’ for our characters in our upcoming game Q-CLASH. You will be compensated for your work.

What’s Q-CLASH?
Q-CLASH is a class-based team first-person shooter being developed by myself, @GollyGreg, @Yourius and Owen. With this game we want to increase the bar for games on Roblox, which is why we are including full voice acting, custom character models and original maps.

A spray is a tag that you can put on a wall in a map, basically marking your spot. We will have character specific sprays that people can unlock.

Popular games that have sprays are Overwatch, CounterStrike and Team Fortress 2. You might be able to find inspiration from these games.

Our sprays are very heavily character and ability-driven with full voice acting. If you agree to work with us, we will provide you with the backstories needed to make fitting sprays.

We would love for there to be a sense of humor in our sprays!

You will have a lot of freedom with what you come up with. However, as I’m sure you can imagine, it is important that the level of quality is consistent across the game.

How many?
We are looking for 10 sprays per class. There are 7 classes. Meaning 70 sprays in total. As we want a diversity in styles, we are looking for several people to do this.

We’re happy to agree to a fair price based on your ideas and experience. We intended to pay in fully devexable Robux.

Looking for people who:

  • Are passionate graphic designers
  • Have experience in Photoshop or a similar program
  • Are able to come up with creative ideas for sprays on your own
  • Are able to use our characters’ backstory and incorporate them into original sprays
  • Output file: square 1000x1000px PNG image with transparency


Full album at high res

I’m stoked to see what you guys can come up with! We want our game to be as creative as possible.

Please contact us with examples of your previous work!


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Bumped - we’ve had some great sprays in so far but are still looking for people!

To bump this, we’re still quite a way off our target and keen to get more art in!

@Yourius you guys need meme sprays, thanks!

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