Calling DynamicMesh methods RemoveVertex() or RemoveTriangle() breaks the DynamicMesh operation afterwards

Beta Features / Flags Enabled:

Bug: When calling RemoveVertex() or RemoveTriangle() on a DynamicMesh. It would cause it to become unusable after creating a new Vertex or Triangle meanwhile the console shouts strange error messages.

When doing RemoveTriangle() then creating a new triangle:

When doing RemoveVertex() then creating a new vertex:

Repo File (You’d need to have the DynamicMesh Flags enabled):
invalidvertex.rbxl (53.9 KB)

Expected behavior

Expected Result: Removing a Vertex/Triangle then creating a new one unrelated to the deleted tris/verts.

This API is not stable yet, it’s expected that some of its functionality won’t work yet.


Thanks for reporting the bug. The team will be looking into it.


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