Calling module scripts inside of a plugin from server

Hi there! I’m trying to create a hidden custom table library. To do this i am using a module script with the functions inside of a plugin. However my problem is that i do not know how and cant seem to find a tutorial how to call module scripts inside of the plugin from the game scripts. Is not possible? How would i do this if it is? and is there a better way to do this?

Games and plugins are two different things, I think Roblox used to have private modules and you could require them through their AssetId, but now they have to be public. And even if they weren’t there are still ways to look at the code. I don’t know why you would want your innocent table library hidden.

Trying to create a whitelist system wanted to hide the http request link.

Thanks for your help though! back to the drawing board lol.

Do you really need to hide it though? I think you could have some validation wherever that request leads. Also what’s a whitelist doing in a table library :joy:

Yeah but they can create a script to do the call themselves.

Also im really dumb at thinking on how i can do stuff like this lol.

I was thinking about putting it in a library so a script can just call it from the plugin then the plugin does the checks and sends back the request. I’m trying to hide the source code.

If it’s a module you intend to give to other developers, I doubt there’s a way to completely hide it. You can try obfuscation, but I don’t see how a whitelist fits into a utility module. Normally that would be something used in a game and that’s why we have server scripts, but the same doesn’t apply to something you plan to distribute.