Calling module with command bar and hovering over datatypes/libraries in debugger crashes Studio

If a module is called with the command bar and breaks into the debugger, hovering over datatypes or libraries such as Instance or the task library will cause a crash to desktop.
I found this bug about an hour ago and it makes debugging far more difficult and crash-prone.

Repro, place file and crash dump

Every datatype and library I’ve tried has caused crashes (CFrame, coroutine, TweenInfo, string etc).
The following place file contains a module in ReplicatedStorage to easily test it out, instructions are in the module and as follows:

  1. Get this place file:
    breakpointCrashTest.rbxl (44.9 KB)
  2. Open the module placed in ReplicatedStorage named “BreakpointThisScript”
  3. Place a breakpoint at line 7 (other lines may work but I tested with 7)
  4. Run the following script through the command bar (edit/run mode doesn’t matter):
local r = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.BreakpointThisScript) r.testCrash()
  1. Hover over any libraries or datatypes in the script, studio should crash to desktop


The module (placed in ReplicatedStorage)

local module = {}

--call following function with this code:
--local r = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.BreakpointThisScript) r.testCrash()

function module.testCrash()
	--this will only crash when executed through cmd bar
	--during breakpoint, hover over any library or datatype in print
	--place breakpoint on following line
	print('breakpoint not placed', task, Instance)
	--also crashes when using methods of said objects
--and also with things outside of the function's scope
print(task, Instance)
--and both too

return module

Crash dump

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Thank you for the report.
We have a fix for this issue internally and it should be released in one of the earliest updates next year.

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I’m getting this crash to desktop whenever just exiting PlayTest in general, and moving my mouse towards open scripts.

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