Camera based on Mouse Movement

Hello, I’m pretending to work on a custom camera system, therefore, I’m not familiar with Roblox camera scripting.

This is the concept of the camera in video I would like to make it look like: Concept

I’ve tried to make that camera, but I lost the motivation while realizing that I’m not capable. Perhaps, I didn’t know if I should just use Input.Position from MouseMovement or UserInputService:GetMouseDelta(). But I’m none familiar with those mouse functions.

I appreciate any help

If you want to disable Camera rotating the player : Humanoid.AutoRotate = false
other than that i really dont know, but im sure its possible to recreate this kind of camera movement

I mean, I want it to work based on the mouse movement, I dont think it would be only Humanoid.AutoRotate = false, because there would not have shiftlock, but that camera showed on the concept might have a little transition, basically, you rotate it but it is really slow. And to move to a different direction as Humanoid.MoveDirection:Dot(Camera.CFrame), it would need to be a difference of around 90 degrees, so it could make the RootPart’s Angle face to the direction of where you’re looking at in case the camera’s angle is inverted and the rootpart’s angle is positive.

I believe you can lock the mouse to the center to get this effect but I’m not sure, I have to test it later in studio.

No, this is not what I need. Basically, it’s kind of what I need but I need some sort of orbital camera with X,Y,Z axis.

Does it not pan the camera when you move the mouse?

What do you mean by pan? I just pretend to make a camera like in the video, so you can move your character around but it should only apply for the camera.