Camera breaks in first person when set to Scriptable and this specific UI is visible


This is a pretty severe bug for my game. For some reason, when my radio UI of size {0.3, 0},{0, 300} is visible anywhere on the screen, I am completely unable to move my camera in first person.

I am using the Scriptable camera mode. This mode works completely fine, until the radio UI is visible anywhere on screen under first person mode.

I have tried connecting the InputChanged event of UserInputService to analyze this behavior, using MouseMovement.

The output always states the MouseDelta is 0, 0, 0 when in first person, when the radio is visible on-screen. When the radio isn’t visible (e.g. setting position scale to -1 on the X axis), the first person suddenly works.

When not using Scriptable but rather the default roblox camera, going in first person with the radio on-screen enables default camera behavior, instead of expected first person behavior.
When using Scriptable, first person is completely unusable.

This is a really big problem for my game. My game requires the radio for a vast majority of the actions that take place in it, but it also needs the first person a lot.

I can send the UI in question to a Staff member if requested.

Place staff can test on: Glacier - Roblox


You probably have the Modal property enabled on one of the visible input instances.


Ran a quick recursive script and turns out this was the case.

I’m actually surprised I did not know about this property until now. I have no idea how it turned on though.

Thank you.


Closed at request of author.