Camera bug that only affects devforum members

This is a strange one. When I join this place my character spawns and my camera isn’t focused on it. If I press esc and change my camera mode, the camera is fixed. If I reset it’s broken again. If I join on a different account, there is no issue. @NewFissy and @PeZsmistic experience the same thing. Most other players do not experience this at all. It seems to only affect devforum members somehow. I tried disabling studio beta features and it had no effect. I haven’t found another place with the same bug.

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I think this is more likely just the developers doing something weird.

This warning appears in the game’s output:


This is the relevant code from the camera script:


Based on the code posted above, it seems more likely that this bug affects players who have manually set a prefered camera mode. This might be related to the developer forking the camera script.

For a bug report, there are too many unknown variables, especially in a game you don’t seem to have any technical connections with… It would be a better course-of-action to contact the developer of this specific game.

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Since this appears to be the only place that has this issue @Weeve or @Vurse might have the best chance of either expanding on it or solving it themselves if it’s their own bug.

I actually am having a problem similar to this on this very same game. I’ve contacted @Vurse the creator and he says it’s probably just a flaw in the code. When my stuff loads all I can see it the skybox. So what I’m trying to say this might just be the in-game scripts not an engine bug.

It’s not a flaw in the code, It’s a blacklist we had in place to avoid some people from playing when we were alpha testing. Using a general group ID was the easiest way

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