Camera CF to Angle

Currently having an issue where I feel like I’m stupid for not noticing something but I currently keep having issues converting Camera CF to an angle that I can use for rotating a viewmodel via welds.

I can’t really use mouse because when going close up to a door, the viewmodel starts to rotate upwards to avoid pointing through, don’t know whats causing this but it is annoying as I don’t want that to happen.

Does anyone have any solutions because I’ve been looking for about an hour now and found nothing.

I don’t have the time or patience to look longer for this because of school issues so any help is appreciated.

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Boosting post since its been around two hours

Do you have any code or images we can look at?
But to get the cframe angles there’s this method CFrame:ToOrientation() which returns the angles that are used to generate a new cframe. And then to apply those angles use CFrame.fromOrientation() instead of CFrame.Angles()

Would look something like this:

local x, y, z = camera.CFrame:ToOrientation()
door.CFrame =, 3, -18) * CFrame.fromOrientation(x, y, z)