Camera Collision Bug

I’ve been developing and refurbishing my custom camera system lately and it was quite going well–that is until I tried to make it support mobile.

Specifically, when the camera tries to obstruct itself when hitting an object. I’d like to detail that I’m using the new workspace:Spherecast() method as opposed to workspace:Raycast() to make it obstruct more accurately.

Here’s the video showcasing what happens for, assuming, PC players and Mobile players:



Here are some snippets of the code that handles the obstruction:


Here’s the game:
Epitome - Roblox
Please tell me if any of you are experiencing the same issue as me when played on mobile!

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I’m not sure quite what’s happening immediately; you could spawn parts where the spherecast hits/where they’re cast from to confirm a casting issue, then it’ll (hopefully) be easy to debug from there

I do assume spherecast is quite broken (?) for mobile, for now, my temporary solution will be to use workspace:Raycast() for mobile players while PC players will be using workspace:Spherecast()

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