Camera Cutscene

So I made this quick locker cutscene animation (Shown below) and I want the animation to be triggered whenever the player wants to hide in the locker, something similar to the game Outlast.

The issue with this is the camera movement and playing the cutscene itself. I want to find the best way to do this cause so far all my attempts have failed so far. I’ve tried using the attach camera type and setting the camera’s CFrame via looping.

I haven’t found any solutions in the dev forum about my problem so I’d like to know a solution to this problem.

I can provide examples, code snippets or showing the general problem itself.


If you want to have a consistent animation that works the same every time, I would temporarily cut off the camera from the player’s humanoid, and have a view model or something? to play the pre-set animation. Meanwhile, the avatar can be CFram-ed to the desired position inside of the locker

Use the Scriptable camera type and CFrame the camera to whatever CFrame you need it to be. To switch back, just set the camera type to Custom (I believe Custom is default, could be Fixed though).

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You can do:

if player gets in then

this tutorial might help:

This tutorial shows how you can crouch when you press a key you can modify it to make what you want.

Quick question, how do you make animations interact with parts?

You have to make the part have a Motor6D constraint with one of the humans body parts, then when the player spawns attach the part to there hand.

I’d do this by duplicating the door, making it transparent, and attaching it to the players right hand via Motor6D. Then, when the animation plays make it not transparent.

You could also probably tween it using animation events to get the timing right.


So you want player to hide in the Locker manually? like using clickdetector? Are you using local script or script? I could provided you some solution depends on the type of script you’re using.