Camera glitches and bounces up and down randomly

I just bought a new computer and downloaded Roblox Studio on it, and I’ve run into this new bug where my camera likes to move up and down on its own when I move the mouse. This only happens in studio and not in actual servers or in any other program or game on my computer. You can see in the video below that when I try to move my mouse 360 degrees it moves off-path even though my mouse is going straight. I don’t think this is my mouse’s issue since this is the same mouse I used on my old computer and it worked 100% fine. Anyone else experience this?

robloxapp-20200520-1927057.wmv (1.4 MB)

Is your mouse sensitivity set up differently on your new computer?
It just looks like you are moving the mouse up and down slightly while panning across and the camera is following the mouse.

No it is the same Steel Series mouse. Yeah that is the issue, I’m not the one who moves the mouse up and down it does it on its own. It happens when I hit play and I zoom into first person too. This issue is pretty bothersome when I try and build and move my camera since it likes to move in random directions.

But your mouse sensitivity and speed settings are adjusted in your computer hardware settings (for Windows), not in your mouse.

I can’t see the cursor move in your video so I can’t tell how you are moving it.

Steel Series has a downloaded engine that controls my mouses sensitivity so it is always the same as long as I download the software and set it.

Sorry for not clarifying