Camera in car problem

I would like this part in the car (in picture) to move with the moving car, and to set the player’s camera to that part to make it look like they’re driving the car in a cutscene.

I’ve tried services with run scripts, welding the camera to the moving car and making a script that moves the car via a for loop with position changes ever 0.01 seconds.

Nothing I’m trying seems to work and it is getting frustrating.

--I don't have any code right now, as all I have used I've accidentally not saved, any help or starting tips would be extremely helpful though!

I know this is a short topic, but I couldn’t really find a solution or similar topic elsewhere.

You should set the Camera to Scriptable, and use a RunService RenderStep to change the CFrame of the camera, all client sided.

A basic example:

local Target = workspace.Part -- the part in your car
local CAM = workspace.CurrentCamera -- client camera
CAM.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable

	CAM.CFrame = Target.CFrame -- constantly updating the camera CFrame
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