Camera is stuck when zoomed-onto a GUI Element

When zoomed in inside of a UI/GUI element, it locks your camera onto that specific element that you zoom into, meaning I have to use the Windows key or the Menu UI to get it unstuck if the UI is too big or small, this causes a huge mess for gameplay and development when certain settings aren’t set.

For me as a Roblox Developer and an average user, this is sometimes annoying when trying to scroll out and escape being stuck onto a UI element that will affect gameplay and my time testing within studio.

How to reproduce:

  • First: Open up Roblox Studio and create or edit a place.
  • Second: Create a ScreenGui and insert a ScrollingFrame, Frame, or an image.
  • Third: Testing or playing the game and zoom onto your screen will result in your camera getting stuck when trying to zoom out or exit out.

UIRepro.rbxl (28.9 KB)

However, you can get out of this using the O and I keys on your keyboard to exit out of them safely, but it doesn’t work “all” (Don’t take my word on it) for UI elements. Prefer scrolling than hold/spam clicking keys, this causes bad work with ScrollingFrame and Image properties on the Roblox Engine.


Hi there, thanks for filing this bug report. Unfortunately, fixing it isn’t currently on the roadmap so we can’t prioritize a fix at this time.


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