Camera Issues on Trackpad

When playing Roblox on my Mac, I noticed that my camera works differently from Studio and the client. In the client, my camera glided when lightly dragging with two fingers. This is frustrating because it makes it difficult to be precise with the camera.

Here is a video of the issue on the Roblox Client:
Client Camera w/ Bug

Here is a video of the camera in Roblox Studio:
Studio Camera

You can see when I tried dragging with two fingers lightly on the trackpad in Studio, the camera stayed put and let me zoom in and out a little bit. On the Client, it was gliding around, making it more difficult to use, on top of being different from Roblox Studio, which should be the same. Both Roblox Studio and the Client are up to date as of writing this post.

I have only tested this on the MacOS Trackpad, I have also tried reinstalling Roblox to fix the issue, with no luck. All of this started happening around yesterday (May 14 2024)


It may have been intentional but I really hope not because this is making Roblox unplayable and theres no way I can get used to this, it’s the most whacky out of control movement I’ve ever seen.


Roblox has acknowledged this behavior is currently intentional and they have plans to bring Studio in line with the same gesture controls Roblox client has. This should be a feature request if anything.

See track pad gestures announcement post:

The post you linked hasn’t had a reply in years, this would’ve affected the client years ago. However, I just noticed these changes now. Would this go into effect now, almost 5 years later?

That’s from 2019 and covers the introduction of trackpad gestures. 8P_Studios’ post is regarding changes made in the last half hour bringing momentum to the camera controls of certain trackpad users (probably mac only). It still may be intentional but it’s for sure super annoying to deal with.

OP’s post was not clear what the actual issue was. In comparison videos it seemed they were comparing the gestures.

If this was indeed about the sensitivity changes, then we are experiencing the same issues and it is actually a problem in one of our games. If that’s the case, we can post a reply to this thread. (FWIW I am on Mac and do notice the momentum change)

Here’s our thread outlining a bit more in detail what we’re seeing with some Mac users reporting

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The change was reverted, it should be fixed now.