Camera Manipulation Rig + Effects Module

well yes but where I dunno where to put it

in a server script, location doesnt matter

You referring to a regular non-local regular joe script or are you referring to serverscriptservice because I added that line of code to a regular script it didn’t do much

weird, any errors in the output, also can you show the code you used


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the answer is right there in the error, player argument must be a player. if you want to make is so when a person joins their camera is set to the rig you can do:


Then again I don’t know anything about anything I have to know, thanks
(I’m looking for a more on touch script but I’ll figure it out)


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Hey there, thank you so much for this amazing tool/project. I’ve been trying to use it, and it was very interesting and fun to use. And I wanted to fire the CamFocus from the client, so is there any way I can do that from the client?

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hey, I was actually just talking about this to someone else yesterday lol, if you want to fire the cam focus on the client, i for some reason never implemented it so you could do that, all the code to do that is in the “CameraPlayer” script which, for now, you can just manually implement yourself.

the module is almost a year old with pretty inefficient code and i havent updated it outside of a few bug fixes. so ill likely be remaking it sometime soon with this in mind

Oh alright, thank you. And good project btw, used it, and will still be using it

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Hey, so I wanted to use this but. I don’t know how to animate the camera and rigs with moon animator, I know how to animate with moon animator but dont know how to animate the camera rig.

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How do I set the Camera back to Normal?

How would I play the animation? I tried doing it and couldn’t get it to work properly

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You should make the Cutscene Demo open source


Hello, I am having problems when I step on the green brick that makes the cutscene start my animation goes crazy. Like the characters go flying and stuff.

If you don’t know how to fix this it’s fine.


Dear Kyle,
How could you learn if you do not try.
Just learn moon animator to its finest and then come back to the tutorial. Well, its atleast what I did. and it helped me

could you uncopylock the demo place so we can check it out there too?

I don’t know if that will help you for what the tutorial is teaching but it’s almost the same

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I have watched it and i’ve done what they’ve done and it didn’t work.

Em I think it has a model in the description