Camera not moving at all when I run the game or when I switch to server-side

So pretty munch is explained in the title, I can’t move at all my camera when I’m running the game or when I go to server-side when I test the game. Does anyone knows what could be the problem ? I have tried to delete the camera but it didn’t worked: the camera just went to its original position. So what could be the issue? Maybe a parameter I accidently activated? Help!
(Sorry if I don’t have any videos to show :c)


Started noticing this today too, must be a new issue with roblox studio


If you’re experiencing issues where your camera isn’t moving as expected in your Roblox game, there are a few common troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. Check for Camera Manipulation Code: Make sure that you don’t have any code that’s locking or restricting the camera movement unintentionally. Look for any scripts or code snippets that might be affecting the camera’s properties or behavior.
  2. Check Game Settings: Sometimes, game settings can affect camera movement. Make sure you don’t have any settings that are preventing camera movement, such as camera constraints, mouse lock, or input restrictions.
  3. Reset the Character: Sometimes issues with camera movement can be related to the character’s state or animations. Try resetting the character’s position and animations to see if that resolves the issue.
  4. Check GUI Elements: GUI elements can sometimes capture mouse input and affect camera movement. Make sure you don’t have any GUI elements that might be causing this behavior.
  5. Inspect Remote Events: If you have remote events or functions that are interacting with the camera or character, check their implementation to ensure they’re not causing unintended camera movement.
  6. Inspect Tools and Gear: If your game involves tools or gear that the player can use, make sure that their behavior isn’t interfering with the camera.
  7. Test in a New Place: Create a new, simple place to test whether the camera issue persists there. If it doesn’t, the issue might be related to the specific configuration of your original place.
  8. Check Player Input Scripts: If you’re handling player input using scripts, review those scripts to ensure they’re working as expected and not interfering with camera movement.
  9. Review Recent Changes: If the issue started occurring after you made recent changes to your game, review those changes to identify any potential causes.
  10. Contact Roblox Support: If you’ve exhausted your troubleshooting options and the issue persists, consider reaching out to Roblox Support for further assistance.
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It is an issue with Beta Feature, It’s called “New camera movement system” or something like that, just turn this setting off


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