Camera not rotating


A friend of mine is having this issue on studio where she cant rotate her camera, she has already restarted studio and it only happens in 1 specific place, can anyone help us with this?

Video of the issue:

That happens while using WASD?

yes, she cant really rotate it tho, as you can see, the mouse just glitches

Maybe try deleting the camera not sure if it’ll work though.It will reset the camera if you delete it.

Have you tried reinstalling Studio?

Go to Camera in the workspace, in the properties, Set the Cameratype to Custom or Fixed instead of Scriptable.That might be the problem.


I had this same problem today, thanks for the answer.

Changing the camera properties in work space to “Fixed” seems to give back full functionality. With the setting on scriptable you also can’t zoom in or out and with it on custom you end up with the rotating but not zooming. Fixed seems to have solved the problem but I still don’t know that this is normal.