Camera position after death

I spent the whole morning looking for a way to solve the camera problem after the character’s death.

When a character dies, the camera appears randomly - once a rear view (correctly) and once a front view.



Don’t know how to handle this?

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Are you using a custom camera? If so, you want to use :toObjectSpace() when setting the camera’s CFrame


Yes, this is a custom camera by default, when you run game. As far as I know, I do not set the camera or its type anywhere. I feel that this is the basic behavior of the game.

Where should I set up the camp? When is a character revived? And there use: ToObjectSpace ()?

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If it’s a custom camera, then it should be constantly updated, and yes use toobjectspace while you’re constantly updating the camera.

Also, why do you need a custom camera and why can’t you use the default roblox camera? (What are you trying to achieve with the custom camera?)

I think Custom is the default setting when creating new game. I didn’t change the type of camera anywhere.
I tried this:
print (game.Workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraType) = return " Enum.CameraType.Custom" to me.

Oh so the camera freezes in place for you? Also you can check if anywhere any code changes the cameratype.

press CTRL + F or use the find tool in script and do find all, type in Enum.CameraType.Custom and see if it comes up with anything.

How to simulate:

  1. create new game - obby type
  2. play
  3. go to next checkpoint
  4. jump down and die
  5. player revive on last chcekpoint

And there is strange behavior - after revive, camera is not directly behind player, but looking from side or front to back of player.