Camera Scripting

How might I add an offset to the mobile player’s camera?

if mobile then
	local GameSettings = UserSettings().GameSettings
	local IsLocked = false
	local Humanoid : Humanoid = nil
	GameSettings.RotationType = IsLocked and Enum.RotationType.CameraRelative or Enum.RotationType.MovementRelative
	if Humanoid then Humanoid.CameraOffset = and 1.75 or 0,0,0) end

Anyone? Still in need of a solution… and 1.75 or 0,0,0)
If IsLocked is true then it will equal be the same as
Instead you should do IsLocked and, 0, 0) or

And can I add an offset to the player’s camera?

The code should already work you just need to define Humanoid

Okay so when I define the humanoid, the offset should work?

if there are no other errors in the script then yes

Alright, will try it out when I get a chance

Thank you very much… have a good day