"Camera Sensitivity" option missing on Mobile

Repro steps:

  • On mobile, try to change the Camera Sensitivity like you can on PC through the Escape Menu

Expected behavior:
I have the option to change my sensitivity

Actual behavior:

I checked, and unless I am literally blind, there is no “Camera Sensitivity” option.

Frequency: Always
Impact: High
Platform: Android

Here is the option on PC. On Mobile, it should be somewhere inbetween “Automatic Chat Translation” and “Output Device”. Both of these options are shown in the Mobile screenshot with nothing inbetween them.

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And when I see this, why the “Fullscreen” setting are on mobile, it should be hidden (like shiftlock)

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Because touch screens do not have sensitivity settings like a PC mouse or a game controller does. The game controller thumbstick sensitivity is hard coded, by the way (Yes, I looked through the code and found it.).

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Thanks for the report! Just sent this one to the team :slight_smile: