Camera Shake When Walking Yes Or No?

I have decided to make the camera shake a little bit when you walk… but then i thought about people with motion sickness and decided if i should add it at all. So i was wondering should i tone it down, remove it, add a option to turn it off, or none of those and keep it the same.

Here is the camera shake.

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I would say to tone it down. I can see how people get motion sickness.

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To be honest with you it is really cool but it will get annoying over time. If you are going to make a running camera shake make sure it only moves a little and the shake is very smooth and I only recommend that if you are making an action game without much running.

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I’ve always despised camera shake, and turn it off whenever possible. The only time I’d even think its acceptable is when sprinting in first person, but that’s more of a camera bob rather than shake. The most you ever wanna do is something gradual, like how minecraft does it when they walk.

Side note, this post would probably belong more in #development-discussion, but I understand new members can’t post there.

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That’s why #development-support:game-design-support exists now, which this would be a suitable thread for that category.

My take: camera shake is unnecessary if it isn’t crucial to immersion of your game and even then, it takes a certain style to make it work out properly. The blur that comes up during the shake is especially disorienting.

I wouldn’t include it. Your game doesn’t seem to fit the style of needing camera shakes.

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Thanks for the feedback guys based on your feedback i have removed the camera shake.:grinning:

Oh my bad, didn’t know that existed. Thanks for informing me!

I agree with the above posts, after playing for even short periods of time (30 minutes +) this would become extremely disorienting and almost sickening for the player.

I definitely recommend not including it in your game(s).

I like the camera shake, but make it optional and tone it down. Especially when running the camera seems to go everywhere. I would like to have camera shake but some people might not, so let the user decide. I would make a settings tab where I could choose if I want the shake or not. And maybe even how heavy the shake is.

Ofcourse if there will be a boss battle (or something like that) which will become harder with camera shake you can force it on for a little while.