Camera system for a basketball game

Hello Developers, I was wondering how could i make a camera system similar to the game in the video

Would be great to get some help.

Thank you!

You could put the CameraSubject as an invisible part and change the angles to the distance from center to character. (Use tweens too.)

Yea i already have thought of that idea. But the thing is i got stuck on the distance and angles.

You can use Magnitude . This calculates distance between 2 objects. The use this and add it to the X, Y, Z Angle. You could divide it in half or any number.

local Distance = (Part1.Position - Part2.Position).Magnitude

if Distance <= 5 then 
  print("Part2 is near Part1")

Also, you could use math.rad(). This converts the values to radians for angles in Roblox

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