Camera tweening help

Can somebody tell me a good method for tweening a players camera to look at something IN FIRST PERSON?

example: I put a player into first person and then tween their camera to look directly at a specific part, without the camera flying out of their characters field of view.

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Did you try rotating the player while the camera is still in first-person?

I would rotate the whole player instead of the camera, but you would still need to calculate the rotation needed to focus on that object.

Prototrobe has a pretty good explanation about how to calculate this How do I Calculate Rotation from Position - #7 by Prototrode

rotating the player will only rotate the character, not the camera. I’ve learned this a while ago on rollercoaster games, just because the player is rotating doesn’t mean the camera will follow that rotation.

Apologies, I meant to say character not player.