Camera Zoom Help

Hey Devs!

Im trying to make it so when a part is clicked the camera zooms into that part like in this video:

I would appreciate if someone could send any link or post that could help me create this!

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what seems to be the problem? is it how inaccurate the zooming out?

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No, I’m Trying to make something similar like that zoom in the video. But that when a specific part is clicked it zooms in. So like re-make it

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I believe you should have read the topic’s already written info before posting this.

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Well yeah but Im asking for help where I should start. like that people can provide me with stuff that I can read or help me in a way.

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Im asking for anything that could help me create this.

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As @VauItZone said, you shouldnt be asking for entire scripts, but I will provide you with some assistance.

The way I would go about recreating this would be, get the position of where you want the camera to be and using tweening to move the camera to that new position in a smooth manor. Of course, you will need to set the CameraType to scriptable or something that stops the player from moving their camera.`

You will also most likely want to stop the player from moving, heres some code on how I would do that using ContextActionService

local CAS = game:GetService("ContextActionService")

--freeze movement
		return Enum.ContextActionResult.Sink

--unfreeze movement

There are tons of methods of stopping the character from moving but I believe this one is the best, and it doesnt leave any memory leaks laying around like using PlayerModule:GetControls

Here is some resources you may need


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