Cameralayers+ | Stack camera offsets on top of each other


You want to make a horror game and have a camera wobble that chages the humanoid.cameraoffset and a camera shack trough some kind of monster(or something different)

The problem:

You want to layer multiple cameraoffsets above another without them overwriting each other and you are to lazy to code a layering system

The solution:

Use Cameralayers+


  1. Parent the module to StarterPlayerScripts
  2. Require the module
local cameralayersmodule = require(Workspace.CurrentCamera.cameralayers)

How to use:

There are two comands that you need:

  • createlayer()
    create/overwrite a layer with an unique id used to identify it.
 cameralayers.createlayer(id : string , offset : vector3 )
  • removelayer(id : string)
    remove a layer by inserting its id.
 cameralayers.removelayer(id : string )

Version Log:

  • 0.5 didn’t work
  • 1.0 works now

Link to the Module: RobloxAssetstore/Cameralayers+

Thanks for reading have a nice day. :slight_smile:



If you are using the module you need to update it because it was bugged and didn’t work!!!