CameraOffset causes weird behavior

i’m trying to make a 3rd person camera using shiftlock and cameraoffset (i can use something else if it doesn’t have the same issue as this). i got the shiftlock part working fine but when i applied the cameraoffset, the character’s position wasn’t updating constantly (or something else was happening, not sure).

local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer
plr.CameraMaxZoomDistance = 6
plr.CameraMinZoomDistance = 6
plr.Character:WaitForChild("Humanoid").CameraOffset =,0,0)


can anyone help me with this?

CameraOffset isn’t so practical, check out this instead, go to the Over-the-shoulder section.

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i thought it worked at first but when i implemented it into the main game i noticed that the camera movement became weird and the same issue is happening (but less). also the camera stops working after moving the mouse away from the window and going back in it.

I ended up using an old CameraScript (with forced shift lock) and I also removed the cameraoffset thing. It works perfectly now.

Hey, can you give a link to the script and explain what you did? I’m having the exact same problem, the camera keeps on jittering, but I still want to use offset + forced shiftlock

i used the old camerascript instead of the new one. just search “force shiftlock” in the toolbox and you’ll find hundreds of these scripts.

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