CameraSubject doesn't get set to ball?

Hi, I have a problem that when I try to set the camera’s CameraSubject, it doesn’t get changed. I use a remote event from the server to the client with the first Variable as Player and the second variable as the Ball (From the servers perspective) and it gets detected on the client because I made a print.

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Is it possible to get a code sample from the client script


print("Setting Camera!")

Camera.CameraSubject = Ball.PrimaryPart


Make sure to set camera type to custom to move it. Also it’s prob easier to just set the CFrame

I am making a golfing game so you’re suppossed to be the ball, thats why I need to set the CameraSubject. And when I set the CameraType to Custom it just goes back to the character. And i am not setting the CameraType at any point before the remote event.

It’s simply much easier to control with custom, using a render step could help.

It worked when I was replicating the ball from the client, but when the server is cloning the ball it suddenly doesn’t work for some reason.

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