Camp out feedback

  • I’m making a camp-out game and I want to know how I’m doing so far, this is only two days of work so there’s plenty of more to be added
  • Rate me on how I’m doing so far, currently fixing the grass issue and updating it with the current live grass. (Good, Bad, Needs more work)
  • I hope you all can reply and help me with details for what I should add.

^This is with two days of work, plenty of more to be added. :roblox:


Looks pretty good for 2 days of work.
Here’s my 2 cents:

  • The terrain looks “real-ish”. From what I can tell, you’re going for some kind of cliff look, and it could do with some polishing to ensure that it looks even more realistic.
  • There is a lot of open space in the bench area. It could do with filling or just make the place a little bit smaller.
  • The blue cubicles seem too perfect. They should be placed a little more natural, unless you intended for them to be next to eachother.
  • You’ve probably not got to this point yet. However, you could do with some trees. I don’t mean copy + pasted trees to fill the area but trees that enhance the environment.

Just some really small things I’ve picked up on. Good luck with your game!


Personally I think that this is very wonderful for the first 2 days of making your camp out game, but there are a few things that you could change.

  • Tables
  • Lighting
  • Skybox


For tables I would say that you could make them look slightly more realistic, maybe you can try to look at some reference images online and try to replicate them.


You could make the lighting look a more realistic, for example warm lighting with sun rays or maybe cold lighting with changing the time to evening/night.


You could change the skybox to a different type, for example HD sky or maybe starry night sky.

I appreciate it man! Thanks for your feedback. :+1:

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Thanks for your feedback, will work on those things right now! :+1: