Can a client script read an inventory table in a module script without a remote function?

Hello, Im new to scripting and I have a module script that stores the players inventory along with a remove function, add function, and view function. On server scripts i can just view the inventory for the player without the view function. But on client scripts im aware they cant see changes to module scripts. To view the module script from the client im using a remote function to access the inv table from another server script.

However i was wondering if there was a way for my client scripts to view the inventory without the use of a remote function in another script, maybe using the view function i created in the modulescript?. I have seen people put view functions in their module scripts but they seem pointless if you still need a remote function to view the module script.

Nope, a server script has to read it and send it to the client.

thanks guess i was just overthinking it