Can a Discord username get you banned?

I made myself a custom clothing template recently. One of my friends said that you could get banned for having your discord user on it. Is this true?

The template:

Please let me know!


I think you would. It’s against the rules to have Discord mentions like that. I once heard about a plate of cookies getting someone banned for having an unaccepted website on the texture. The only place you can have Discord is on the socials of your game.


Thank you for the info!

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Yes, the automod looks at the entire image. Once I uploaded a mesh, the texture had a faint logo at the corner which wasnt even seen on the mesh and I got warned for it.


Since it doesn’t explicitly make references to or encourage viewers to visit external sites, it’s technically allowed. You don’t say “Discord” or use its icon, so one could argue that it’s just some meaningless numbers completely unrelated to Discord.

The difference between this and a URL in the corner is that the URL encourages and directs the viewer of the image to go there. Even if it’s not intended as the focus of the image, a link still directs a user offsite.

(Note: I’m not a lawyer or expert on Roblox rules, this is just my interpretation of the rules and how I’ve seen them enforced.)

Relevant rule:

Using partial links, filter-breaking, using permitted website links to indirectly link to non-permitted sites, content, or services, describing or otherwise encouraging users to go to unpermitted offsite links, content, or services is also not allowed.

This seems to mostly mention actually using links or referencing a service, not just including a name + some numbers.