Can a while loop time change when using a value for it?

So let’s say i have a while task.wait loop but I’m using 2 different value, First value is the Minimum time and the Second value is the Maximum time. What I’m trying to do is making a random timer while loop with the 2 value above. The question, If the while loop is still running and i have a script that change the maximum time will the while loop script still use the old max time or the new one? Like i mean before it reach the max time and will the code trigger if its already below the decreased max time?

you can do something like this

local timeValues = {}

while task.wait(timeValues[math.random(#timeValues)]) do

Edit: if the maximum time changes, it uses the new time value and not old time value.


Will using a number value also work?


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Wait if i decrease the maximum time value and the timer is already above the changed maximum value will it automatically start the event/code?

no, it will first complete the loop, then wait for the new maximum time value, and run the code again.

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