Can anyone give me tips on how to make a old roblox game?

I want to make an old Roblox game, but I’m unsure of where to start. I know a bit of scripting but am new to it. One main thing I’d like to know is whether it is possible to access old sound effects."

For starters.
Id recommend using the classic baseplate and taking the baseplate cause it has the stud texture.
Also only using like default parts. And using little to zero meshs.

Just a question. you mean like old roblox or old IRL

i mean old roblox like around 2007

Like old roblox? Or IRL
I’m now assuming you mean old roblox ok

That’s most likely the case, if I’m not mistaken all audio that was less or equal to 6 seconds wasn’t deleted by the forbidden audio update. Also if you mean the brick battle tools/gear those were made by Roblox and the sounds were probably made by Roblox as well, so I doubt they got deleted.

If all you know is “a bit of scripting”, my reccomendation (from somone who only knew a “bit of scripting” a long long time ago) is to dedicate a lot of time to learning more about coding/scripting. And getting to a point where you now more than just “a bit of scripting”. Because making what you want to make becomes 1000 times easier when you know “a lot of scripting” vs “a bit”.

From my experiences, I reccomend also doing “mini projects” to solidify the things you are learning about.
Also, as you may have heard before, YouTube is a great free resource. And there are plenty of videos talking about Lua scripting (for Roblox).
But like I said, it’s important to take what you watch in a video and try to make somthing out of it (with a mini project).

Also, there are different types of Lua Programming Tutorials on YouTube, but it’s good if you can find a “Programming Series”. Like a playlist of videos where they start with the “basics” of the language; variables, if statements, etc. So you can have a good idea of where to start, and get a peek at what is up next (what concepts are more advanced).

Also, just because somthing is called “Advanced”, doesn’t mean only certain people can get it. It means that it takes more time and dedication to understand it, but once you do, it will make creating what you want to create so much easier.