Can anyone help me fix this weird glitch?

Damn, it didn’t work. This is what happened when I reinstalled studio. The exact same thing happens.

And I can’t restore history because it still appears green. Even the other copies have the exact same green feature.

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It didn’t work and Low Poly is disabled. I don’t use that mode.

Do you have any free models in your game?

The only free models I havee are the moutains, trees and construction stuff. I already cleared the viruses out of them using the ctrl + shift + f shortcut. They worked fine. It just happens now all of a sudden.

Try turning your light ambient down, see what happens.

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this looks like the fog. inside Lighting try setting the fog as default

What is your lighting at. You probably put the the contrast pretty high for the grass to be that green

It’s not fog, already checked. It’s been happening to a few people recently within the past few hours unfortunately.

Check the lighting, make sure the colours are at white and that fog distance is high, and that no unnecessary lighting addons are under lighting

Ambience I mean. It should be white.

If you haven’t seen the pictures above, everything is normal. It’s not just me experiencing this issue. It’s ROBLOX itself, but I just don’t know how to fix it.

Then that’s probably the answer, it’s probably just a glitch that will resolve itself, if you can’t find the origin. Unless there’s something in the actual audio settings but I’m not sure what and if there even are colour settings in studio settings

Check the FogColor property under Lighting. For whatever reason, all the games I’ve opened today in Studio have the value set to 0, -1914, 0.

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You probbaly selected workspace then accidently clicked the Color edit. Dunno i don’t read much. But that’s sometime also happen to me without me realizing it. Could be the case

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You said you cleared all scripts of viruses, but they may have inserted lights. Did you check that?

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I’m 100% sure that any scripts that were “viruses” created this since I deleted them. They worked fine when I did delete them. It just suddenly happens when Roblox Studio crashed. The thing is, most of my games are now starting to turn green on their own and I’m not the only person that has this happened to them.

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Fog is off, and Fogcolor isn’t close to green. So that isn’t the problem.

The lighting seems to be fine as it appears the last picture here has the lighting you want and has more stuff built then in the previous pictures.


That place has more becuase all of those builders stored there are located in ServerStorage. But I think I fix it apparently.

Yikes. The only other suggestion I have is to copy the game and paste in a new place maybe.