Can anyone help me on 2 things when making an admin system?

Hey! so, im making a admin system for my game that is on the chat, and i wanted help on 2 things

First things is, when the player cant execute a command or mispells it, the system will send a message that will only appear for the player on the chat

And second thing is, every command that the player types wont appear on the chat

Tysm in advance! :slight_smile:


1- Lets say you have this format :
prefix command player[can be all/me/others,specific person]

Now, let’s say someone says on chat :
/flashe me [instead of /flash me], what you could do, is to use a remote to FireClient [to that player], and on Client, create a message on chat, saying to him that he misspelt or something.

2- You could either use Chat Service for it, and notPlayer.Chatted, or make a custom bar to execute commands, and without executing /firing it to chat.


Ohhh i think i came up with a system that will make it work thx!


If you want to achieve that system then you have to wait until roblox dev releases TextChatService
Other wise you can do what @Valkyrop mentioned in their post.

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but tower of hell has a system like that for commands that dont appear and it works perfectly?

You could use a custom bar, if you want to make it easier.

Make a Frame, add a TextBox into it, and check what the Player/Admin types in that TextBox. If it’s a formatted command [such as : “/fire me”] then execute it with a remote [to fire the server].

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Im pretty sure using a custom bar would be better and faster, but tower of hell games are like improved but classic games, so chat commands would be cooler

ohh i’ve heard of this tho, i just dont know how to properly use it

There is an actually way to remove what a person said on chat. For that, you’ll need to check these links:


Its easy, play the game go to chat and copy everything inside.
Then stop the game and paste everything in chat
Then it will look like this


Then go to ChatModules then create a module, name it whatever you want.
Then put

local function Run(ChatService)
	local function createPart(speakerName, message, channelName)
		if string.sub(message, 1, 5) == "/part" then
			local newPart ="Part")
			newPart.Parent = game.Workspace
			return true -- This thing helps to hide the message.
		return false

	ChatService:RegisterProcessCommandsFunction("createPart", createPart)

return Run

then play the game and type /part to create a part.
ChatService.rbxl (168.8 KB)


Ohhh thanks for all the help :slight_smile: ima mark @Synitx’s anwer as solution as its more objective, but both helped, also sorry for very late reply

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