Can anyone help me with this Pastebin question?

So i want to use this pastebin stuff in a script but i dont know how to… can anyone explain?

btw the URL is

-btw super sorry for how confusing this might be, butits really hard for me to explain
So if you have any Questions then please ask in the comments

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All you have to do is create a new Script instance, and paste the code in there. It will run when you press play, and should make a part named “Baseplate” transparent.

yeah, i get that. but im just really trying to learn how to use pastebin’s for scripts.

Send a GET request to the link with HttpService and then loadstring the body of the response

Loadstring only works on the server unless you want to use a custom interpreter

would i do it like this?
game:GetService('HttpService'):GetAsync("", true)

You need to store the response in a variable and then loadstring whatever is inside the variable

Sorry but i dont understand… could u write like an example or something…
or maybe u have an example of what ur talking about?

local response = game:GetService('HttpService'):GetAsync("")

Thanks you!!!
you helped me out alot

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