Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to learn Obsufication for Lua?

Hello! I’ve just started the summer holidays and i’m looking to improve my scripting skills! I want to learn how to obsuficate well in roblox (may take multiple revisions!). However, there aren’t really many resources when it comes to this endeavour and the few people I know who can do it, won’t budge on how!

I know this will be a difficult task, but i’ve been wanting to do it for a while and i’ll learn from it! Here are some resources that have kind of helped me in a way

Roblox Script Obfuscation? (To Protect My Scripts From People Trying To Steal My Work) The comments on this

I’ve also been tipped that first you need to convert the code into bytecode, then you complicate it back into normal code. Could anyone point me to a resource, or help me on how to do this complication? Many thanks in advance!

This is a reasonable guide which provides some resources:

Having said that if you want to improve your scripting skills learning obfuscation won’t help. It’s minimally useful at the best of times and for the most part is a waste of time. Learning how to structure and write code in a safe way that provides no entry point for exploiters is much better.

I’ve read this and it generally just points to public obsuficators rather than how to make your own. I’m generally trying to learn it to test an idea i have, as my friend made an invisible encryption system using whitespace characters (wouldn’t tell me how), and i think i know how, i just need to obsuficate the client code to make it alot harder to decrypt.

If you really want to obfuscate yourself and not use programs then you can, it’s just incredibly tedious. There are many ways to obfuscate but generally programs use 3 or 4 main methods to make code unreadable. This is a decent-ish guide on what to look for in obfuscation:

Thanks for the resource! This will help me to identify what to do! However, i’ll still keep the topic open incase someone else drops by and can give more info! If noone does for a while, i’ll make it as the solution!

I’ve found another resource which will prove vitally useful, an example of a lua obfuscator, which can be found here. I’m unable to show the original github as it includes some nasty swear words, which i don’t think would be allowed. I hope this aids anyone on the same journey.