Can anyone tell the Math for Clickers Games?

Im working on a clicker game and on click the kart speed should increase and decrease when not clicking.

ca anyone tell the math?? so the amount of speed it gets for each click depends on player score?

You should add the current speed + score

speed = speed + score

Each game uses their own math most likely, but it isn’t hard to come up with your own.

You can do what @whimbur suggested above, but i feel like that’s not how most games do it (what you were asking)

This is just very rough fake code, you’re going to have to set yours up for your game.

Put a function inside a while true do loop so when they click that does something like:

while true do
    function (click mouse button 1 down)
           clicked = true  -- a variable to determine if they clicked
           speed = speed + (a percentage of their score)
    if clicked = false then
        speed = speed - (the percentage, or a fixed value. Your choice)
    clicked = false

speed = 16 + 10000000??(30charcharr)

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I believe if the road is really really long it could work, but yeah, not the best idea.