Can bindable events fail?

To clarify, i’m not talking about remotevents - i know they can fail because of latency/network issues

But bindable events, i.e two scripts communicating with one another on the server, is it possible for those to fail? I have a bug that I think may be caused by this, but i’m not sure

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Good question, I was about to ask it xd.
Hasnt happenedto me though, so i think theyre safe, or at least much more than remote events.

Could you show the bug? Or some code at least?

I don’t know what you mean by remote events failing. Either way, both of them should be reliable.

I mean that the event after being fired doesn’t have any callback, i.e in the case of remotevents OnServerEvent/OnClientEvent doesn’t fire, or in the case of a bindable event BindableEvent.Event doesn’t fire. RemoteEvents are not reliable on accounts of client-server latency and packet loss