Can BindableFunctions/Events lag?

I started using Bindables a week ago since I need them on my game. However I’m not sure but, if I use a BindableFunction on the server and the server is laggy, will the Bindable lag too? Cause we’re not talking about client-server replication here, but everything is done on the same side. Excuse me if it’s a stupid question but it’s always good to get answers instead of keeping the doubts.

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No, bindable events and functions do not cause lag. The problem lies probably somewhere else.

No I don’t mean they lag when I use them, I just wanted to make sure they won’t lag if the server gets laggy cause I don’t want delays because of a laggy server. Thanks for the answer tho.

I assume when the server gets laggy the bindable event will lag as well. My assumption is that since the server is lagging, script execution times slow down, and whatever script has the bindable event handling will be slow as well.

So maybe not the event itself, but the execution of it.


So if the server is laggy then everything can be delayed, no matter if it’s a bindable event or another coroutine waiting for the task scheduler to allow its execution.


Makes sense. Thanks. ---------

Alright, thanks for telling. -----