Can bypassed words be used in a game with context?

Working on a metallurgy game and in metallurgy there is a material called ‘slag’, which is basically a mix of metals molten together.

I’m trying to make the game accurate but I don’t know if my game would be deleted if I use that word or other possibly banned words that are used in metallurgy in a different context.

If the context is clear, would my game be safe from getting banned?

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i think that its allowed if you have an explanation for it. but i suggest using synonyms for slag cause you cant say it in roblox

I highly doubt a roblox mod or system would be checking your game for the smallest of tagged messages you decided to put in it regardless, maybe now that you posted this on the public devforum but,

you probably can


extreme censorship & bad moderation be like, devs scared to put proper words in their games… >_>