Can change CurrentEditor of scripts

Due to a recent change so we can change object (?) properties of instances fairly easy a bug with TeamCreate popped-up. If you try to set the CurrentEditor of a script to something else in the game (eg StarterPack) it will apply this. If you open the script it will say “x is currently modifying this script…” and you can’t make any changes to it. Trying to delete this instance will also throw an error.

You can obviously reset it to yourself but this shouldn’t be modifiable at all.

Studio version:

(I searched if this was reported before but I couldn’t find anything)

Mhm - I would prefer if properties such as BaseScript.CurrentEditor and Instance.Parent didn’t have this good but dangerous ability to swap. You could accidentially remove an object when you just try rename it, if the parent is named the same as the child. Or something similar.

But nevertheless, it’s cool to see ease of use for stuff like Adornee.

I think this has caused a recent issue for me as well, I can’t seem to open any scripts anymore. It says i’m not the current editor and then disconnects me. But I found out if I put my user as the current editor before opening it, then I can edit the script normally

This is definitely a bug. We’ll get this fixed asap, though the new selection feature may get disabled for a awhile.
Edit: We’re going to leave the feature on and just fix this issue later, unless any emergencies come up.