Can cheaters change or create script ? in game

I trying make RemoteEvent Security. but my Security system can be broke if cheaters can change or create script in game

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They can only change LocalScripts or ModuleScripts used by the client. ServerScripts and anything related to the server isn’t accessible by them. So if you’re doing your anti-cheat on the client they will be able to disable it easily.


I don’t personally think it’s possible for exploiters to change code, which was created in studio. But I think they can create code that will run on the server.
I haven’t used lua for some time and still need to get back to it.

It is possible for them to do anything on the client.
Just have a smart client to server model and you should be fine.

Some things should definitely be avoided. For example:

--// Server
Event.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(_, Weld)

This is very bad as the exploiter can just send the entire workspace and the map will be destroyed.

No it’s the opposite, anything on the client an exploiter can access and disable, anything on the server they can’t get to. Always do important stuff on the server!