Can Clients really delete ANYTHING under their character?

I’ve heard that the client can destroy anything in their character and it will replicate to the server, and have seen various posts about it.

However, when I ran a studio test

While deleting parts on the client replicated to the server,


Deleting values did not
clientdestroyval serverdestroyval

I want to know if there was an update that prevents the client from deleting non part objects or if this behavior only appears in studio and shouldn’t be expected ingame.

Are objects in the character safe from exploiters now?


Not eveything , but the parts or local scripts parented to your character will replicate when destroyed.

Edit : i just tried and it looks like it even destroy values…Hmm…Strange…

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I believe this will work the same in game; when I tested it out myself, it was only the parts of the character that were affected. I also tried adding a local part, which (obviously) wasn’t replicated.

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Usually just parts. Clients have network ownership so it looks smooth. Stuff like folders and ValueBases aren’t physical so they don’t replicate.

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Does this mean that if I give NetworkOwnership of a part in Workspace, for example, the client can change the part and the changes will be replicated to the server?

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The physics, yes. When you push around an unanchored part, you’re close to it obviously, so it replicates to everyone else because you become the network owner of that part.

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I believe it uses something like .ChildRemoved so it would only replicate if a child of the Character’s Model was deleted. Children of the character’s children will probably not replicate.

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If the client deleted it anyway, it would still be present on the server.

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Can we talk of how buggy it is though.

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They can. This was reported as an issue some time ago and it still has gone unsolved. For games that have, for example, values directly in the character to emulate health, those can be deleted to simulate invulnerability to damage. Don’t put game-critical values in the character.


I’m not gonna take the risk that they can. So I won’t put anything inside the character.