Can Exploits Delete Descendants of Character

I would like to know what exploiters could do to its Character regarding the character’s descendants. Delete tools? Delete certain body parts? (like right arm) Delete animator object?

Also, how does Network ownership work with characters?

I have looked through some posts about exploits (like this), character network ownership, and have some basic knowledge about client and server. I know how to program Remotes, etc. and how to keep things safe.

The reason I’m asking this is because I want to make sure by server script that animates the player doesn’t break in case the Motor6D can’t find the right arm since it’s deleted.

--Example server script, note that this isn't syntax checked.

-- ...
local character = player.character
local humanoid = player.humanoid
local rightArm = character:FindFirstChild("Right Arm")

--do I need to check if player still has right arm?
if not rightArm then return end

--or should I just wrap it in a pcall?
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The player can only modify their client. If they remove things on their client, it will not apply to the server. E.g if I remove a Right Leg on the client, on the server the Right Leg will still exist. There is no need to worry about checking for modified parts from clients on server scripts unless you are trusting the client to give you that information. You should be warned about the weird states that clients can use if they die in a weird way, though. You can learn more from Suphi Kaner’s video on Humanoid States (relevant because Died is a state):


No need to worry. Clients removing things will only remove things for their client. Everybody else on the server and also the server itself will not apply the changes.

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Hi! Thanks for your help! I will look into the video you provided.

If they remove things on their client, it will not apply to the server. E.g if I remove a Right Leg on the client, on the server the Right Leg will still exist.

I’m a little confused on this part here because from this post it says

if player 1 changes the color of a brick with an exploit, player 2 will not see the color change unless player 1 has network ownership of the brick. By default, all players have network ownership of their character.

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This is not the case. I just tested this with network ownership over my character, and the server did not see the change. I think they are referring to FilteringEnabled (not useful in this conversation as it is deprecated and will never be returning)

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Thank you so much for your help!

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Hello, the person who wrote that post here.

It has been some time since I wrote that, but I think it was meant to be an example rather than telling you exploiters can change the color of their body parts.

In reality, having network ownership over a part only lets them change it’s position and velocity, aside from a few special cases like being able to play animations on their character.


Maybe you could edit your post so other people don’t get confused? Thanks for clearing that up.

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It was almost 3 years ago, I had forgotten I’d ever written. But yeah, I’ll add a small note.


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