Can hackers access module scripts from a script

So I’m making a grenade and I want to use a module script. I have a local script to detect Player input and I have a script below it with the functionality of the grenade.

A) Can the hackers steal the code from this script
B) If I were to use call a module script from the script would an exploiter be able to steal the module script.
C) Is their a way I can give each player their own version of the functionality of the grenade without hackers being able to access it. (Would cloning one for every player work in ServerScriptStorage)

The main issues are that if I only have 1 version of the script the cooldown is shared between every single player and can only be used 1 at a time and if I have the grenade script inside the local script the cooldown system messes up as everytime I use a remote event it sets the cooldown to false.

Sorry if it doesn’t make sense I can clear it up if you ask.


If it’s local, then it’s accessible by the exploiter, you shouldn’t worry about the exploiter seeing your code, you should instead implement ways to counter whatever they’ll do without sacrificing playability, because at the end of the day, if someone really wants to exploit your game, they will.


Thats unfortunate but are you saying that if I call the module script it’ll be viewable by an exploiter? If so I’ll just stop worrying about it. Thanks for the solution :smile:

If anything is local, ie not in ServerStorage/ServerScriptService then the exploiter can see it, so yes, if your script is in ReplicatedStorage for example, an exploiter can decompile it and view it. You don’t even have to require it, so long as it’s local, they can just view it.

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Alright thanks for all the help but just 1 last question, if I cloned the script in ServerScriptService for every single client would that work and would it be efficient?

Yeah there is nothing wrong with that if you are just cloning it and parenting it to the client, but that’s what the StarterPlayer container is for, it automatically places scripts for you in either the client’s character or the client’s player instance depending on where you put it.