Can hackers see server scripts in workspace? And can they change it? Not referring to module scripts or local scripts

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I have some scripts inside blocks, that when a player steps on them they purchase a product then gain some points, I would like to know if this can be exploited, I’m only using a single Server Script.

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I don’t want people to exploit the script.

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I’ve searched other posts but they’re not clear about this, I know it is best to use ServerScriptService for adding server scripts, I also know that local scripts and module scripts are replicated to client, but if I have server scripts inside the workspace, does it show for the client? And if it does, can it be exploited? Thanks a lot for reading all of that, I talked a lot.

I just checked, they can see everything except server script service and server storage.

Exploiters are not able to access ServerScriptService. You can see the perspective of the exploiter if you go on client mode, which if you access the explorer, you’ll be able to see what the exploiter would see.

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As I know, exploiters can see existance of Scripts in workspace, but they can’t get what they contain.

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