Can I add non-robux gambling?

Hey so, I want to add playable card games into my game for that extra depth and fun. I would also like players to be able to bet ingame money on these games. However, you can’t pay with robux for money (atleast, not directly, I can’t enforce this if it’s like an exchange that goes on privately because, well, it’s private and I can’t stop people from trading money).

Credits can be used to bet on games, however like I said it doesn’t involve robux at all. Is this allowed? It’s not indirect gambling because players participate in it themselves, but it’s not actual gambling since people don’t use real money.

All responses are appreciated, thanks.

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Gambling is only allowable if Robux are impossible to involve. If you have gambling, Robux can’t influence any part of it whatsoever. (yes)


Would your card game constitute gambling? The relevant Community standard in regard to gambling doesn’t seem to correspond with the scope of your intention. That is letting players bet credits on games against each other.

You wouldn’t be able to disclose the odds of winning to the player since your card game sounds like a skill-based game, not a defined % luck-based game. The requirement for no Robux involved is in order. Lastly, you’ll have to check local regulations regarding rules prohibiting your specific card game.

In conclusion, my first answer would be yes. Your intention is compliant with the Community Standards. You should probably detail your card game in detail so a more extensive review can be made by a third party.


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